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Do I have the means to offer myself an apartment here?

Before answering this question, you have to define at first your expectations. What dimension of apartment are you looking for? The residence Mary-Elizabeth offers studios and also apartments of one or two rooms. Obviously, the cost of rent of each of these apartments is directly proportional to its size.

Besides, if you possess at present a property, several direct and indirect costs are connected to this one. For example, you invest important amounts annually whether it is on municipal and school taxes or expenses for the heating. You also have to pay out maintenance costs and several repairs that your property requires with time and also seasonal work such as snow removal or landscaping. All this without mentioning all the time you invest on your house personally. Besides, the refund of your mortgage does not give you access to your capital. This loss of income turns out to be important: for a $175 000 property, at a 5 % rate annually, we are talking about an amount of $8 750. If you consider this amount, besides the direct and indirect costs connected to your house, you can undoubtedly offer yourselves an apartment here. As a matter of fact, by opting for the residence Mary-Elizabeth, you can save a lot of these direct and indirect costs connected to your property and also spend your time enjoying the peace of mind and the advantages of the services offered.

If, at the moment, you live in an apartment, it is possible that the price for the same surface of apartment here is higher. You have, however, to consider all the range of offered services, either in your apartment, or in the residential complex or nearby. Also, you have to consider your safety: system of emergency call in your apartment, surveillance day and night, controlled entrances... It is important details which will give you peace of mind and make you feel at home.

Besides, if you are 70 years old or more, you may have access to the tax credit offered by the government of Quebec. It allows you to reduce your expenses and to obtain the services you need at a lesser cost.

Am I eligible for the Quebec government tax credit?

People aged 70 and up may be eligible for a tax credit if they meet certain criteria. Tax credits are given on a percentage of eligible expenses related to home care services. If you’re eligible, Residence Mary-Elizabeth will handle all the paperwork. For more information on the Quebec government’s tax credit program, please visit the Revenu Québec website.

If my health deteriorates, will I be able to stay at residence Mary-Elizabeth?

The residence Mary-Elizabeth offers a wing of intermediate resource for the people coping with a loss of autonomy. Private rooms of large dimension, medical personal 24 hours, visit of a doctor. An evaluation of your health will be necessary to understand your new needs and see to what extent it will be possible to supply you the necessary services. If you want to remain in your apartment, agreements can be made with the CLSC where the staff can offer you the services adapted to your needs.

May I invite my family, my children or my friends as much as I want?

Yes. You can invite your friends, children or grandchildren to visit any time. After all, this is your home!

Can I come home at any time of the night?

There is no curfew at Residence Mary-Elizabeth, nor is access restricted during the night. You are free to come and go as you see fit.

What is included in my rent?

Every apartment comes with a variety of conveniences, such as heating, electricity, cable television and emergency call systems. Other features, like the distribution of medications or housekeeping, can be added for an additional cost.

You also have access different services which includes a library, a main hall, a pool room and even a home theater. You can also participate in weekly activities, most of which are offered at no cost. A wide range of other services is also available.

For added comfort and peace of mind, we ensure that qualified staff is on site 24 hours per day, with nursing staff available seven days a week.

Am I obligated to participate in activities?

Everyone is invited to participate in the activities, but no one is obligated. It’s up to you whether you’d prefer to relax at home, socialize occasionally with other residents or regularly share your time with others. Residents are not only invited to participate in activities, but are also welcome to help organize them.

Are healthcare services available on site?

Yes. Most of our facilities have nursing staff available every day of the week during business hours.